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blackdasphodele's Journal

Narcissa Malfoy née Black
24 September 1958
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Narcissa is the youngest of the three Black daughters and was promised to Lucius Malfoy at a young age. She knew it was her duty to marry him and produce children, so she is fiercely protective of her husband and child regardless of their actions. She may be viewed as a society wife, but those that see her only as that, do so at their own peril. She was and always will be a Black first.

Narcissa is played at hex_files by pre_raphaelite1 who isn't the bitch that Narcissa is. In fact pre_raphaelite1 is rather fluffy and an "ENJF".

That said, if your characters is interacting with Narcissa, she will have a tendancy to be nasty. It's canon, lovelies. And it's directed at characters, not their players. I adore you!