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12 February 2007 @ 06:18 pm
Name: Narcissa Katerina Thetis Black Malfoy
Birthdate: 24 September 1958 (this puts her in the same year as the Marauders)

Date Married: 11 June 1978

Narcissa is slim and elegant, almost willowy with pale, almost fragile features. She plays these up by dressing in very neutral tones (ivory, cream, beige, ecru, or the palest of greens, pinks, blues). Occasionally she will wear black or deep purple if she's meant to be ill or mourning.

She keeps her hair long and has has no visible marks or scars. (She is unmarked as a DE until late December of 1997- after which she only wears long sleeves, unless in the direct presence of Voldie.)

I'm not even certain Narcissa truly knows what she's like. Her personality is entirely dependent on who she is around. With Bella she is dutiful sister, caring and adoring, an odd mix of girlishness and maternal protection. With Sirius (after he is disowned), she is dismissive, hateful, and prone to violence. She will go from extreme to extreme based on whom she is interacting with, though she is perhaps most true when interacting with Severus or Rodolphus. With Lucius there is a mutual awareness of needing to act as ideal spouses, as the fairytale couple.

By and large, Narcissa has grown up as the center of attention and thrives on it. She knows how to manipulate the public, the press, and individuals (though less so). She maintains the outward appearance of a wealthy mistress of a large manor, the elegant hostess, charming and graceful. She will play weak and/or docile, but it is imperitive that those closest to her see beyond that.

However, she is still a Black above all things, and the blood brings more than status with it. She hides and occasionally can control the madness, but it's still there.

If she is angered, she acts immediately and decisively. She will explode into anger with potentially fatal results. She isn't one to back off and plot unless she is forced by someone to step away from the situation.

From Harry Potter Astrology:
This combination of sun sign and House ought to be nicknamed "The Magical Corps of Diplomats." Slytherins born under this sign are poised, polished, suave, well read, well bred, and excruciatingly polite and correct in everything they do - the perfect gentry of the magical world. Never a bully or a bravo here! No, these Slytherins would say "I despise you and think your are worthless scum" and make it sound like "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." They are discreet, sympathetic, easy to talk to, and know how to put people at ease. This can, of course, be a wonderful asset in espionage (the flip side of diplomacy!) and these Slytherins are more than capable of hiding their true feelings in order to get information or befriend a rival. Because they need to act in partnership with others and hate to be alone, they are rarely decision makers, and must be careful who they seek to befriend, lest they be led astray into the wrong crowd. Slytherin Libras also ought to marry into money if they don't have much of their own, for their love of luxury and culture can make for extremely high maintenance expenses.

She is not a marked Death Eater (until the very end of the war) but she does Her Lord's bidding. She acts largely as a provider of information, relaying what she learns through social engagements to Lucius or to her Lord directly. She has also acted as the liaison between Severus and the Dark Lord when necessary. While her role is not the active force that Bella is, Narcissa is occasionally involved in setting traps or ambushes when there is little risk of her identity being discovered. She will not be caught; she spends her life focusing on the contingencies and constructing the world around her to what it must be.

She considers her primary role as protecting the reputation of her family, keeping their activities hidden and the public enamored of the sophisticated, extravagant lifestyle of wizarding royalty.

She has very clear Ideas about Motherhood (yes, always a capital M) and was raised with that as her duty and her goal. Motherhood is the one thing that will and does trump her loyalty to Voldemort. (It's also the only thing [or rather her quest for Motherhood] that makes her seek out Andromeda after her Betrayal. Once.)

While she doesn't approach it the same as the rest of her family, Narcissa is a killer.
Just don't tell Severus.

Relationships (Sexy and Otherwise):
She lost her virginity at age 13 to cousin Sirius Black, though she knew much more about things than he did. They were actually very fond of one another until he was disowned at which time they began to lash out against one another or attempt to ignore each other (though this was rarely sucessful). We believe that the only people who really know about this are Bella and Walburga, the former also being involved with Narcissa in un-family-like ways and the latter being the matriarch of the Blacks.

Narcissa was courted by Lucius at a young age and they gave the Wizarding World a fairytale courtship and wedding, distracting the people and the press from more 'troubling' matters of the war. They work well together and she focuses on keeping all suspicion of his true activities veiled, while at the same time gathering information from the other Ministry wives as well as the male officials who are more responsive to a woman's presence. She is very fond of him and incredibly devoted to him and his position when she is certain he gives her proper priority and respect. She would see him as a good husband and ideal partner, only while the rules and lines of the relationship stay clear. Once she no longer finds this partnership with him, other arrangements are made.

Severus is her closest friend, someone who she trusts enough for him to be Draco's godfather. After he provided her with care and potions during the pregnancy with Draco, Severus is really the only person she trusts. There are many rumours throughout the years that they are romantically involved, but they are not. Exactly. Until 1998.

Which brings us to Draco. She'll do anything for him. She's overprotective on most occasions but he is her only son and therefore what she focuses on protecting. And though it may be her undoing, her dedication to Draco goes before that of the Dark Lord.

Her strength is charms though she did more than passably well in Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts with Severus' help.

The one thing that she excels at above all others is Locking Charms. A very narrow talent but incredibly useful.

This isn't complete nor entirely set in stone but what has come to play so far.

Feel free to ask questions!