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06 February 2007 @ 05:55 pm
Pertinent Posts  
A selection of posts which are by or involve Narcissa, to be updated at random intervals.

Posts by Narcissa

Journal, 29 December 1971
Narcissa and Sirius do naughty things with each other and to Regulus.

Artefact, April 1974
Cissa has the wallet of a murdered Muggle.

Artefact, 09 January 1976
Cissa gives a a rare Russian spellbook to Sev on his 17th birthday

Journal, 13 February 1977
Lucius courts Narcissa at Hogwarts.

Two Letters, 15 February 1979
Narcissa checks on Lucius' activities.

One Note, 03 June 1980
Narcissa goes into labor with Draco.

Journals and Note, 03-04 August 1980
Severus surrenders himself to the Ministry.

Newspaper Clipping, 13 August 1980
Severus' parents are murdered.

Diary entry?, August 1992
Naricssa plots to get Tom Riddle's Diary into Hogwarts.

Pensieve Memory, 05 May 1997
Draco is attacked by Harry with the Sectumsempra and Cissa blames Severus.

Artifact, Spring 1997
Narcissa tries to send Mr Fuzzems to Draco.

Pensieve, early 1998
Narcissa is up to something with secret passages and Phineas Nigellus.

Cheery-Hallows, late summer 1998
Narcissa plays interior designer.

Cheery-Hallows, 2000 & 2015
Narcissa worries over daughter Octavia.

Posts involving Narcissa

Memoir, 13 April 1974
Rodolphus records taking Narcissa to Muggle London to teach her how to kill.

Letter, 28 June 1976
Severus writes to Narcissa about Lucius and Malfoy Manor.

Stillroom Notes, 15 April 1979
Among other things, Severus works on potions for Narcissa.

"Letter, August 1996
Umbridge accepts an invitation to tea.

Letter, Spring 1997
Draco writes to Narcissa about his stay with Severus.

Note, December 1997
Severus takes Narcissa away from the Manor.